Think I need a new fuse board…

One of the more frequent calls we receive here at Morgans Electrical is from home owners saying ‘I think I need a new fuse board…” and as one of our electricians is out there installing another new fuse board in Bedford today I thought it might be timely to talk about when and why you might want to replace your fuse board.

First of all, the terminology for a Fuse Board differs from the domestic world to the commercial world.  You may have heard of it being called the Fuse Box or Consumer Unit and in commercial installations it’s more often referred to as the Distribution Unit.  But they all do the same thing.  They distribute the incoming power across however many electrical circuits there are in the building and use circuit breakers (or fuses on older boards) to manage the load on each circuit.

To understand your fuse board in more detail check out our guide ‘Your Fuse Board Explained’

Improvements in electrical safety over the years has meant that over time, Fuse Boards have been improved with new technology.  Today’s most up to date Fuse Boards provide RCD protection to all circuits which means that in the event of a fault, the circuit will switch off instantly preventing possible fire, electric shock or even death.  However, changing your fuse board is not something you need or want to do every time technology and regulations change!  There are still fuse boards out there which have the old re-wirable fuses in them and a property can still function OK with these.  However, these old boards don’t offer the protection against fire and/or electrocution in the event of a fault.

So when should a fuse board be replaced?

When you are making changes to your property e.g. extension

In order to gradually phase out old, out-of-date technology, wiring regulations are amended regularly.  If you have an old fuse board and want to make changes in your property that involve adding new circuits then your electrician may advise you that you need to upgrade your fuse board at the same time in order to meet the requirements of building regulations.

To improve safety in your home or business

Every week someone in the UK dies in their home through an electrical-related accident and thousands of people are injured every year.  In addition to this, 50% of fires in homes (around 20,000) are attributed to electrical faults.  Almost all electrocutions in the home and 20% of the fires above could be prevented if RCDs were installed at the fuse board.  Half of the homes in the UK don’t have this RCD protection installed.  A new fuse board would give you RCD protection across all circuits.

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