Dangers of Cheap Phone Chargers

Are your device chargers safe to use?

Apple gadgets are so popular now that it is no surprise that there are also many cheaper versions of them. Cheap ‘Apple’ chargers are being produced in China for as little as the equivalent of 3 pence and although these may be a cheap alternative to buying the real thing, they carry a huge electrical safety risk. According to the Electrical Safety Council, during a period of 6 to 8 weeks, Buckingham Trading Standards seized more than 3600 unsafe chargers from retailers in 2009, yet despite recent efforts to reduce the amount of these products, many people each year are still putting their lives at risk by using them. The ESC investigated this problem by testing new and second-hand cheap chargers and they found that none of the chargers met the principle safety regulations set out by the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994.
Tim Gillooley from Cheshire received an electric shock from his daughter’s fake iPad charger as he pulled it out of the plug socket. He was thrown across the room and left with blackened fingers as a result of the shock.
These types of incidents are happening across the world as a result of fake chargers so don’t be caught out; always use the brand of charger that matches your phone so you don’t risk electrocution.