Why is PAT important?

PAT is the testing of any portable electrical appliance that you may have in your home or business. This includes any items which plug into the mains supply such as charging equipment, microwaves and printers. It is a very important service as PAT testing provides the evidence of due diligence, especially if you are a business owner or a landlord as it ensures that all your equipment is safe according to the current Health and Safety legislation. By having regular tests you also guarantee that your insurance remains valid.

Some of the common electrical faults found by our PAT engineer are broken plugs, burnt-out plugs and overloaded sockets and extensions as seen below…









All of these examples of electrical faults can be extremely hazardous in any environment as they can cause dangers such as electrical shocks and fires, both of which can be potentially fatal. Therefore it is very important to ensure regular Portable Appliance Tests to protect your business, employees, home and family – a service which we offer with a price plan to suit any home or business, just take a look at our PAT page for more details… http://morganselectrical.com/self-help-guides/portable-appliance-testing-pat/

We recommend that you have your appliances tested annually, so if you think your property or premises is ready for its PAT, give us a call on 01525 213103.