Insurance backed warranty for Part P work

At Morgans Electrical we offer a 6-year workmanship warranty on all of our work.  We have always been confident in the quality of our work and for our customers, it gives them the reassurance that we will look after them if they do encounter a problem with any work that we have done at a later date.   So whether you have something as simple as an additional plug socket or some new down lights fitted or something more substantial such as a new consumer unit or a rewire, our warranty covers our workmanship for 6 years.

From the 2nd April this year, all work that we notify under the Part P scheme will also be covered by the new ELECSA Insurance Backed Warranty.  (Please note that not all electrical work is notifiable under the scheme – see our guide to part P for details of what is and what isn’t covered).  This is cover lasts for 6 years and is backed by Hiscox Insurance. Morgans Electrical is a registered contractor with ELECSA.  Currently, when we notify a job we’ve completed for you on the ELECSA system, your local authority is notified and a building regulations compliance certificate is generated and sent to you.  Once the new warranty comes into effect the cover will be automatic upon notification and warranty details will be printed on the certificate.  It couldn’t be more simple!  You won’t have any paperwork to complete but you will have the additional protection of an insurance backed scheme.

So what does this new warranty cover?   It gives you protection if:

  • something has gone wrong with work that has been notified and
  • the work is found to be not compliant with building regulations and
  • the contractor is not around to correct the problem (e.g. retirement, ill health, ceased trading)

However, we hope that none of our customers ever have to invoke the policy!  The scope of work covered under the Part P competent person scheme is also due to change in April so I’ll be covering this in a future blog.  In the meantime, if you have any questions about Part P and what it covers, please call us on 01525 213103.

Carbon Neutral Compact Home

Do you think you could live in a cube 3 meters square? Morgans Electrical have recently been involved in an innovative project led by Dr. Mike Page from the University of Hertfordshire. Dr. Page designed a complete home within a 3m cube with the aim of showing that one person could live in comfort in a home this size with minimal impact on the environment. Morgans Electrical have sponsored this project by installing the electrics and Solar PV system for the home. For more details and a short video click here