Energy monitoring for business owners

Eco-Eye Elite 200

The Eco-Eye Elite 200 is better suited to businesses looking for a simple on-going energy monitoring device. 

Energy Monitoring

Quick and easy to install
Monitors electricity usage real time
Large uncluttered screen shows clear information
Displays current usage in kW
Displays usage in cost per hour/day/week/month/year
Shows values to 3 decimal places
Updates every 4 seconds
Transmitter with logging port
Capable of measuring up to 200 Amps per phase
Can be calibrated to match specific loads between 90 and 255V
Can input 2 tariffs of electricity

12 month guarantee
Available directly from Eco-Eye for c£92



The SPC Pro can either be purchased for longer term use or Morgans Electrical can hire the equipment for you for short term analysis of electricity usage.

Non-invasive 3 phase data logging
Only connection it needs is a standard 13A wall socket
Easy to hook-up – clip on the flex hoops, plug in the power lead and press the start button!
Measurement is via fully isolated flexible hoop CTs
Uses an automatic ‘autorange’ feature which maintains remarkable accuracy from levels as low as 1A, all the way to 2000A
Can measure energy usage and cost at 30 second intervals for 3 circuits at a time which will help identify where the highest cost is being incurred and therefore where the biggest savings can be made.

These are expensive to buy at around £995 + VAT.  however, they can be hired on a weekly basis for around £100 per week plus installation support.  We can arrange this for you so call us on 01525 213103 to discuss your requirements.