Part P and what it means for home owners/landlords

Part P refers to the section of the building regulations concerned with the design and installation of electrical installations.  Since January 2005, it has been a requirement for anyone carrying out electrical work in homes and gardens in England and Wales to follow rules defined in Part P. These rules protect you from unsafe electrical wiring and require certain electrical jobs to be notified to the local authority building control before work commences.



What type of work has to be notified?

Most electrical installation work in a domestic property needs to be notified with the following exceptions:

  • repairs, replacements and maintenance work
  • extra power points or lighting points or other alterations to existing circuits (except in a kitchen, bathroom or outdoors)

However, if you use a Part P Approved electrician, they will deal with all the rules for you.  You can be assured that their work has been assessed and they are qualified and competent to carry out your electrical work.  There are other benefits to using a Part P approved electrician though.

For example, Morgans Electrical is registered with ELECSA.  The approval bodies require members to have a complaints procedure in place and importantly, they must respond to complaints raised by putting right the issue.  As a consumer, if this approach does not work, the approval body will take up the matter on your behalf and ensure the issue is put right, if necessary using another competent electrician.

It’s also worth noting that when you have notifiable work completed though a Part P approved electrician, you will receive a certificate confirming that the work completed complies with the Building Regulations.  This certificate is important if you want to sell your home as it provides proof that your electrical installation is safe and meets with current regulations.