Socket Overload Calculator

We have so many plug-in appliances in our homes and businesses these days that most of us will need to use extension leads at some point in order to plug everything in.  However, using an extension lead does not increase the load that a standard plug socket can take.  A plug socket is designed to take 13A of load.  If for example you plug an extension cable with 4 outlets into a plug socket, it doesn’t mean you that you then have 4 x 13A available.  It just means you can now have 4 appliances adding up to no more than 13A of load plugged in via one wall socket.  So it’s really important to understand the load imposed by the appliances you are plugging into an extension lead.  If you overload and extension lead you run the risk of overheating and possibly causing a fire.

In order to help you with this, try this new ‘Socket Overload Calculator’:


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